Free Agency Winners and Losers 2017 – by CJ

Free agency winners and losers

Well guys it's been over a month since free agency started, here's my Outlook on who I think is a winner and loser so far.

First up, the New England Patriots;
The reigning defending Super Bowl champions keep on Amazing me with Bill Belichick's mind and his ability to capitalize on players. They're not really known for spending a lot of money but,  they're spending money like Scrooge McDuck this offseason, here's a recap of the additions:
Boosting up their defense by signing Stephon Gilmore, trading for Kony Ealy and re-signing Dont'a Hightower, this is a defense you should look out for fantasy. And now for the offense; Patriots trade for Brandin Cooks, sign Rex Burkhead Bringing and Dwayne Allen to replace Michael Bennett,  great move on saving money and getting a younger player under contract. The Patriots are definitely winners in my book so far.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
The Bucs bring in DeSean Jackson with 56 Rec,  1,005 Yds and 4 TD's, last season he will definitely bring help for Jameis Winston and Mike Evans.  Evans especially, for making defenses spread out their coverages with the addition to the DeSean, in this offense I see both receivers having a good year. CJ's verdict, winner!

The Philadelphia Eagles:
My last winner,  the Eagles,  came into this offseason knowing they had to make some changes with the offense, especially with their wide receivers. So they go and get Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith.
Both receivers came off rough seasons without Alshon dealing with injury and suspension, he has a lot to prove this year. Torrey Smith, has been going through some rough patches since leaving the Baltimore Ravens and joining the San Francisco 49ers. For two seasons his combined numbers are just not good. 53 Rec, 930 Yds and 7 TD's that's a fantasy Wasteland that he's coming from, his numbers should definitely improve in this offense. And Alshon should be poised for a good year and get that top receiver money that he strives for.

And now for our losers:

The Chicago Bears;
or should I call them the Chicago Rejects?  This team has the smell of the 'first overall pick in the 2018 draft' all over them, here's why. Mike Glennon, Prince Amukamara, Marcus Cooper, Benny Cunningham, Quintin Demps,  Rueben Randle, Mark Sanchez, B.W Webb, and Kendall Wright. Now that's a list of superstars that are on their way to the Superbowl.... that's my optimistic voice. But really, this team is just a headache. Loser

The Arizona Cardinals:
A team that was really hurt this free agency, by losing Calais Campbell to the Jaguars and Tony Jefferson to the Ravens. Strapped to the cap, with a lot of money invested in veterans on the team like Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald. This team is forced to sit on the sidelines in free agency. Now they can rebuild this team in the draft and I can have a whole new outlook on this team. But as for now, I think this defense took a big hit.

And my last team, the San Francisco 49ers:
Okay, I get it, it's a new front office, general manager, and head coach. You're  starting over in San Francisco, but man, what an awful way to start over!  Going into this season you have Brian Hoyer, as your quarterback,  and you bring in Pierre Garcon. I get that a veteran receiver to help out the receiving core, Marquise Goodwin, the guy that needs to improve as a wide receiver, he has great speed but needs to bring it all together as a overall receiver, he's still a project. Kyle Juszczyk, can you say 'overpaid 21 million dollar contract', 9.75 Million guaranteed? Come on guys, just cuz you have money doesn't mean you need to splurge, smh. But just like I said, this team is rebuilding and I hate to kick a dead horse when it's down, but I had to talk about him.

This is my winners and losers list of free agency.  Thanks for reading, I'll catch you guys next time.

- CJ Hickman

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