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Auction Drafting: Why You Shouldn’t Fear It

Auction Drafting: Why You Shouldn’t Fear It By Jason Cabrera             Auction drafting.  These two words have the capacity to strike fear into the heart of fantasy players.  It’s actually a very understandable sentiment: drafting in a traditional snake format can be nerve wracking enough.  All the variables you must weigh when preparing for a…
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Jason’s 7 Round Arizona Cardinals Draft Projection!

7 Round Arizona Cardinal Draft Prediction By Jason Cabrera For anyone that is on the Patreon site and can listen to our bonus shows, you know that The FF Fanatics just did our first ever NFL Mock Draft.  You also know that I was not particularly happy with what the guys did at 13 with…
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Fantasy Impact of 2017 Draft Prospects

Fantasy Impact of 2017 Draft Prospects By: Jason Cabrera We’ve now made it to April, deep in the heart of the NFL off-season.  With most big names off the free agency board, minus some very notable exceptions who will likely have to wait, all eyes now turn to the crown jewel of the off-season, the…
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Free Agency Winners and Losers 2017 – by CJ

Free agency winners and losers Well guys it's been over a month since free agency started, here's my Outlook on who I think is a winner and loser so far. First up, the New England Patriots; The reigning defending Super Bowl champions keep on Amazing me with Bill Belichick's mind and his ability to capitalize…
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