Early Consensus QB Rankings! #200 4/7/18 – The Fantasy Football Fanatics Podcast

*The show had some technical difficulties which is why we had to push the show to Saturday, you can even still hear some of them in CJ's microphone (He is muffled and very quiet). But we wanted to get the episode out so bare with us as we work through these unforeseen problems! - Thanks, Griffin

On a rare SATURDAY show! (Get early alerts on Twitter @TheFFFanatics), Griffin, CJ and Jason break down their Early Consensus QB Rankings and of course they bring you all of the Top Headlines from Around the League!

2:24 - League Headlines - 2018 Rule Changes!
7:03 - QB News
7:32 - WR News
11:29 - TE News
12:04 - Topic of the Day! - Early Consensus QB Rankings!

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