The DEFINITIVE 2017 RB’s Review! Part 2! #186 2/16/18 – The Fantasy Football Fanatics Podcast

On today's show, Griffin and Jason breakdown and review the rest of the top fantasy RB's from the 2017 season, numbers 13-24 and beyond! They will try to determine how these RB's will do, and where they should be taken in drafts for the 2018 season! THIS IS A SHOW TO SAVE FOR THE FUTURE! These episodes are meant to give you an edge for Draft Season in 2018 so you have more to go on then just final stats from last season. The guys also bring you all the Top Headlines from Around the League!

3:32 - Warm Up! - Mailbag!
10:45 - Top Headlines from Around the League!
19:20 - Topic of the Day! - The DEFINITIVE 2017 RB's Review! P2!

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