Meet The Guys

Griffin - Actor, Stuntman, Director/Choreographer, MMA Instructor, Host & founder of The Fantasy Football Fanatics Podcast!

Likes - Animal Lover, Video Game Enthusiast, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Comics, Movies, Cars, Football Junkie! Friends & Family over everything!

Bio - Griffin has been a Fantasy Football Fanatic for a decade now and his love for the game and the game of football grows stronger with every year. He strives to bring you the most up to date and unique stats that he can to help give you an edge on your fantasy season. He believes in walking a line between both what is seen on tape on Sunday's and a fierce analytical approach to fantasy football, to help maximize performance and mitigate risk for your team!

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CJ- Actor- Stuntman, Entrepreneur TLC & Co-Host of The Fantasy Football Fanatics Podcast!

Likes - Relationship with God, Family and Friends, Animals, Video Games, Sports, Movies, working out and business.

Bio -

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Jason Army brat, currently residing in Arizona.  Father of 2: Gabriel and Isabel.  Actor, Comedian, Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator and fight Choreographer, currently Hot Topic Store Manager, Former Military Intelligence Officer, writer (soon to be published, stay tuned!),

Likes: Comic books, movies, The Arizona Cardinals, The Phoenix Suns, fantasy/sci-fi books, TV shows (Netflix), travel, performing

Bio - Jason has been a football fan as long as he can remember even while traveling the world with his military family.  When his father reached his final duty station in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, he adopted the Arizona Cardinals as his team, having never had a “home town” before, and has been a diehard Cards fan since.

Griffin invited Jason to join one of his leagues several years ago and finally won his first championship (becoming the only person besides Griffin ever to win that title) in 2016.  2016 was also when Jason first joined the show, and he is honored to continue to contribute as a permanent co-host.

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